Kim Stevens, CMIS

Ms. Stevens is one of the founders of Innovative Health Resources. She brings over 24 years of healthcare experience. Her expertise and main focus currently lies in managed care contracting and negotiations, streamlining the credentialing and re-credentialing process, workers compensation (WC), personal injury (PI), letters of protection (LOP) negotiations and implementation of new WC-PI-LOP networks, and claims and recoupment issues. She has extensive experience working with large and small physician groups, outpatient ambulatory surgical facilities, hospitals and outpatient facilities as well as solo practitioners in various states. She is responsible for overseeing the new healthcare reform act and rollout of new managed care Medicaid programs and their impacts on her facilities and practices in regards to managed care. Kim Stevens also serves as the Director of Managed Care with ASD Management, a  separate company. ASD Management develops and manages ambulatory surgery centers for physician groups and hospital/physician joint ventures across the Unites States.

Prior to the inception of Innovative Health Resources, Ms. Stevens developed an independent credentialing and managed care contracting company. She ran numerous physicians practices in Texas and worked for a Brazilian based Insurance Company division in Texas.  Over the years she has overseen and managed various departments in managed care contracting and negotiations, management, credentialing, human resources, operations, claims issues and recoupments, marketing, HIPAA, OSHA, coordination of health and vendor fairs, and streamlining the credentialing and re-credentialing process. Her past positions included working for one of the largest cardiovascular groups in central Texas as the Director of Managed Care and Marketing, a Supervisor with an international insurance company, and a Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS) for an allergy and asthma clinic.

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